Text Resize

For your convenience, we have included two buttons text enlargement button text reduction button in the top right corner of every page to either enlarge or reduce the text size on this website. However, most web browsers have a zoom feature built-in, which is the preferred method for resizing displayed content. Learn how to do this for the browser you use.

Color Contrast

The standard color scheme button Standard color scheme for this website has been designed to maximize contrast between the text and background. Three other color schemes have also been provided in the top right corner of every page: black/white color scheme button Black text on White background; white/black color scheme button White text on Black background; and yellow/blue color scheme button Yellow text on Blue background. Additionally, some web browsers have features which allow you to change the default colors. Learn how.

Screen Readers

There are several tools that will read out loud the text on websites for you, some of which may already be installed on your computer. Learn more about how to setup this up.